We're Number 11!

Baker, Co-Founder

Bryce is the only non-native Texan and hails from the land of Dorothy and Toto. After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, he moved to Houston to work in the oilfield for 11 years. Once craft beer and home-brewing turned from a hobby to an obsession, the only logical next step was to open a brewery.

Favorite Beer Style: Double IPA or a thick, 30W Russian Imperial Stout
Favorite Meme: Xzibit's yo dawg
Fun Fact: Walks on his toes.

Handojo, Co-Founder

Jeff is one of those rare creatures facing extinction: a native Houstonian that still lives in Houston. Having left the University of Houston with both an undergraduate in computer science and an MBA, Jeff decided to torment his wife even more by starting a brewery. His love for beer is only exceeded by his ability to talk too much.

Favorite Beer Style: Anything sour. Recommend drinking in the convention halls of GABF.
Favorite Sushi: Hotategai. Unagi is a close second.
Fun Fact: Likes peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwiches. Yes, this is a thing.

Moss, Co-Founder

Brandon grew up in a small Czech community in Texas with more kolache bakeries than bars and grocery stores combined. He graduated from Texas A&M with a Mechanical Engineering degree and earned an MBA from the University of Houston. Shortly after school he received a homebrew kit from his wife that turned his love of beer into an obsession to craft the perfect beer.

Favorite Beer Style: IPA and any liquid fermented with Belgian yeast
Favorite Activity: Riding singletrack along Cypress Creek
Fun Fact: Started getting grey hairs in college.

Zarling, Head Brewer

Keenan is a native of Austin, Texas and is the resident "artist" of the group: he has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Texas at Austin and (unsurprisingly) works in the food and beverage industry. After much home brewing and a formal brewing education, he embraced beer production as a career and has never looked back.

Favorite Beer Style: All of them
Favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode: Tie between "Darmok" and "The Inner Light".
Fun Fact: Keenan saved up for his brewing education by working as a GM for World of Warcraft. He has no regrets.

Jones, Ops

One day Terry just walked into the brewery and wouldn't leave so we put him to work. Born in Washington state and raised in Deer Park, Terry spent time in the USMC before returning to Texas. When not studying for his chemistry degree at the University of Houston you can find him here at the brewery doing everything we command him to do.

Favorite Beer Style: Stout
Favorite Music Video: "Shout" by Tears for Fears
Fun Fact: Is addicted to high fives

Reyes, Sales

Dime brings her "a que chingas me vez" sweetness to the streets, slingin' 11 Below beer to bars and restaurants around town. Born and raised in H-Town, Dime graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in writing with a concentration in poetics, and a minor in studio art.

Favorite Beer Style: Belgiansingledoubletripleipasburrz. Or just Belgians.
Favorite Word: Cephalopod
Fun Fact: Believes that the after life will consist of metal shows and killer beer.
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